With you every step of the way

Health Care Advocacy

  • Accompany clients to medical appointments to ensure that all questions are answered to the client's satisfaction. 
  • Assist client and their care providers to identify necessary support services.
  • Communicate with family and/or caregivers after each medical appointment with visit updates and suggested next steps.

Advance Care Planning, Advanced Directives, Healthcare Proxy

Assist clients with Advance Care

Planning, completing Advanced Directives and choosing a Healthcare Proxy. 

Advance Care Planning is the process of identifying values, goals and wishes for medical care when/if an individual is not able to speak for themselves due to illness or significant injury.

Advanced Directives are legal documents expressing preferences for medical interventions. 

A Health Care Proxy speaks to the medical staff on behalf of the individual when he or she cannot speak for themselves. Your most appropriate choice for a Health Care Proxy is not always an obvious choice. I can help you make the most appropriate decision. 

Crisis Consulting

When serious illness takes an unexpected, significant turn, there is confusion, stress and upheaval. Decisions must be made thoughtfully based on immediate needs. 

I guide my clients and caregivers towards the decisions that best meets values, goals and preferences. This approach minimizes stress and builds consensus between client and caregivers often resulting in better outcomes for everyone. 


Clients and families have many questions, from the differences between palliative care and hospice, to questions and concerns about medications and how best to care for the skin of an individual who is no longer able to get out of bed. 

I attempt to provide answers to all client and family questions and if I do not have the answer, I will find out.

Bedside Vigil Support

Provide comfort and support to the client and family during the final stage of life.