“Arza sets the bar for excellence. I have worked with her for years. She is experienced, professional, collaborative, caring and compassionate.”  
MD, Needham, MA


On behalf of me and my family and Jim too, I know, a heartfelt thank you for all that you did for us.  

I can’t tell  you what a difficult time this was (and still is!) and you helped us through with your compassion, sympathy, expertise and soothing manner.  It meant the world to us all. You are such a credit to the profession.  Your patients are very fortunate to reap the benefits of your chosen path. With much appreciation.

J, L and M, MA


“My mother lived with us for 23 years prior to her death at age 87. She was diagnosed with bladder cancer 2 ½ years before she passed and had hospice care for the last year of her life.  At that point we were blessed that Arza came into our lives.  Arza was completely  humane in her work with my mother and was able to face difficult considerations in a totally straight up manner such that Arza all but became a part of our family.  Arza embraced my mother’s desire to be as comfortable as possible and avoid medical treatment that might prolong her life but would in all likelihood make her quality of life worse.  Arza had many heartfelt and important discussions with my mother and with me and my family that ultimately helped my mother die in the best possible manner, in her own bed at home, peacefully, with her family at her bedside.  I can’t recommend Arza’s services enough or praise her total humanity and thank her from the bottom of my heart on behalf of my mother and my entire family.”   

JWB, MD, PhD Cambridge, MA


“My mother lived in Needham, MA for many years, while I lived in Gainesville, FL. Doctors found bladder cancer in January 2014 and soon after she had surgery and an ostomy bag placed. I flew in and out six times during that year (while working) to help my mother and make sure things were going okay for her. I retired in November 2014. In January 2015 two tumors popped up on her body overnight. I flew up right away and ended up staying in Needham for the next one and a half years. Upon my arrival I lined up VCN Hospice for my mother.

Arza came to our house that February and for the next year and a half she was my (and my mother’s) lifesaver. We looked forward to Arza’s weekly visit and enjoyed every minute she was at the house. Arza offered all kinds of ideas to help us prepare for the possibilities of my mom’s cancer and death, and by sharing her many years of experience, she was the calm and soothing voice that we needed during the extremely trying time. During that period we had many family members come for visits and Arza was right there with us, answering their questions and concerns and dealing comfortably with the many different personalities in our big family.  

My mother had a tumor on her shoulder that grew to the size of a small football. This was shocking to us, and even though Arza said she had never seen anything like this, she was still reassuring and confident in her guidance and it helped me and my mother not feel so afraid. Arza taught me how to bandage the tumor once it needed that and guided me step by step in how to take care of a dying person in the most loving and caring way.  After my mother’s death in May of 2016 I returned home to Florida. So many times over the next few months, I just wanted to hear Arza’s comforting voice and words. She had been my support for the long stay and I missed her. 

I know that Arza will be an amazing Doula. I am happy to be a reference and answer any questions if needed.”

 Sherri, Gainesville, FL